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Fabienne Grisel grew up in Geneva, Switzerland to the beats of Kate Bush, Pat Benatar, Led Zeppelin, and Ella Fitzgerald, to name a few of her eclectic musical taste. Early on, she felt mesmerized by the melodies of her father’s trumpet. In this way, music became the perfect escape to a complicated childhood and teenage years.

Leaving her hometown behind, where she had already started her songwriting and vocal education, she arrived in LA at 19 years old to take her career to the next level at the well-known Musicians Institute, in Hollywood. During that time, she also started performing with multiple local bands and recording in studios as renowned as A&M, where 'We Are The World' had been crafted a few years prior.

After Graduating from M.I, she expanded her knowledge by studying vocal technique and pedagogy based on the writings of H. Ceasari, Cornelius Reid and William Venard under the tutelage of her mentor, Dr. Joel Ewing 

( vocal coach to Steve Perry, The Eagles, Seal and more...) 

While performing all over the LA Music Scene.

Driven by melodies and fond of lyrics open for interpretation –some of which, like many of the songs on her solo EP - are based on life events−, Fabienne has the ability to create songs that take listeners on a emotional roller-coaster, from melancholy to hope, always with an amazingly enshrouding voice.


Many have praised Fabienne’s songwriting and vocal talents, like LA based guitar player Ido Sasson who highlighted the fact that she sounds “even better live than on the CD,” one of the best compliment a musician can ever get. In the same vein, Ron McMaster, mastering chief at Capitol Records, praised her EP, 'Fortress,' saying it is a “great EP” a perfect blend of Jazz and Americana. 


Fabienne loves natural and organic sounds, one of the reasons why her music is finely tuned with diverse instruments like trumpets or cellos. She also tends to choose analogue recording methods over digital ones, whenever possible.

She recently picked up the guitar which has added a new layer to her songwriting and performing skills.

In 2013, she is joined 'The Accousters,' a Los Angeles community of singer-songwriters, that helped her redirect her musical career. This is where she met co-writers Ted Wulfers and Stefano Capobianco, the former also became the producer her 2015 EP  'Fortress'--a five-track declaration of intents, that was recognized by Songnet. 


In 2017 she was chosen amongst 250 singers to front the popular LA rock band Neverwonder. 

Since then, the band has won multiple awards for their debut EP ( Rockwired Magazine, LA Music Critic to name a few) as well as being on the Top 100 Hottest Unsigned Bands list in renowned Music Connection Magazine in 2019.

And in 2022, Neverwonder added another award to their resume by winning Best Live Rock band at The Nashville Music Awards.

 When she isn't rocking all over the country with Neverwonder, you can see her performing in the Los Angeles and Ventura County with her Jazz/Pop cover duo called The Fixtures Duo

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