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Being in the moment laying down vocals f



February 3rd 2023

@ Black Angus Torrance

January 20th 2023

@Black Angus




 Fall/Winter shows:

October 2oth 2022 

La Puglia Restaurant 

Santa Monica

November 18th 2022 Black Angus, Lakewood


December 2nd 2022

 Black Angus, Torrance

December 16th 2022 

Black Angus, Santa Ana

Summer shows:

September 9th 2022

Ritz Carlton Santa Barbara


August 12th 2022

Santa Ana Ca.
Black Angus


July 23rd 2022

Santa Ana Ca.

Black Angus


July 1st 2022

Lakewood ca.

Black Angus

June 24th 2022

Santa Ana ca.

Black Augus

Spring Shows

February 27th 2022

Las Vegas, NV

Rock and Roll Marathon


Past shows 2021

October 24th 2021

San Diego ca. 

Rock&Roll Marathon


July 24th 2021

Youtube live stream


June 27th 2021

Youtube live stream 


May 16th 2021

Youtube live stream 

June 26th Private show 

Buena Park Ca.

June 27th 2021 

Youtube Live stream



March 19th 2020
Shakespeares on 6th, Austin TX
January /February 2020
@For the Record studio 
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